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Keshayra is a hunter on EU-Shadowsong. She is an active World of Warcraft player and she loves exploring the Azerothian World. The following album shows what she as a player been up to since starting to play at the end of 2006. Enjoy...

What is here?

I am, among other stuff, a web designer who does web publications, and I decided to put an album online of most (so far!) of my patterns. The images will have commentaries written for them all when I got time, and they are not in any specific order and span most of my World of Warcraft career spanning from 26 December 2006 when I logged in for the first time. Unfortunately the images of my first few characters were lost so mostly the images included start from around mid-2007. I currently play World of Warcraft and my main is Keshayra on Shadowsong whose name may be recognized by some as an MVP on the EU WoW Forums.

There is going to be MORE on this site in the future. I got a blog planned and I also want to offer others the chance to have an album like this with a unique web address.

If there was one for me, that would be

As I do pay for hosting I will do an album page for you for $30 for up to 576 images inclusive with a renewal of the hosting for $30 a year each further year. While hosted you can update your album by emailing me at including your character name and server with new images.

Payment will be able to be submitted (soon™) to a paypal account for your safety and convenience. Paymen must be made before your page is prepared for you. It stays up as long as you have a valid current subscription. Images must be numbered by YOU as 1, 2, 3, etc. prior of submitting them. You can submit the first 36 immediately and more later on if you prefer. Images that do not comply to the SAME rules for suitability of content as Blizzard asks for their Screenshot of the Day will not be processed for inclusion but will still count towards the total of 576 images. Want more images in your album? No problem! Just pay me a second $30 and your account is extended to double this quantity (i,e, 1152 maximum images.


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