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Keshayra is a hunter on EU-Shadowsong. She is an active World of Warcraft player and she loves exploring the Azerothian World. The following album shows what she as a player been up to since starting to play at the end of 2006. Enjoy...


What is here?

I am, among other stuff, a web designer who does web publications, and I decided to put an album online of most (so far!) of my adventures in World of Warcraft.

The images will have commentaries written for them all when I got time, and they are not in any specific order, and span most of my World of Warcraft career spanning from 26 December 2006 when I logged in for the first time.

Unfortunately the images of my first few characters were lost so mostly the images included start from around mid-2007.

I currently play World of Warcraft and my main is Keshayra on Shadowsong whose name may be recognized by some from the EU WoW Forums.

There is going to be MORE on this site in the future. I got a blog planned and some other features I am adding later when I got more time.

One of them will be using Blizzard's new web development feature that was published on their website in this article Once I am finished with leveling all my alts, that is when I am adding the other feature that will create an online archive of each of them.

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